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About Eremos

'Eremos' is Greek for 'wilderness' or 'desert place'. Begun in 1982 in Sydney, Eremos retreats were a major focus of our early days. In entering the 'wilderness' or 'desert', we discover what is most essential to us, who we truly are and what we are called to be by our God.  

Eremos reminds people that spiritual matters are central to who we are.  We encourage dialogue among Christians of all backgrounds including voices of those outside of the Church structures who expand and enliven the dialogue.  This community of voices is a unique organisation. It builds bridges between diverse people. It finds common grounds for relating.

Our magazine, EREMOS, is published quarterly with articles on a wide range of topics, artwork, poetry, reflections, book reviews and notices of events and conferences. We also have a book discussion group scheme (over 40 studies available for hire by groups or individuals).  We welcome people of all beliefs - what we share in common is the desire to continually deepen our connection with God, the world and one another.  

Eremos Institute is an ecumenical association with its roots in Christianity, offering a forum and support for individuals and communities to explore, express and deepen their spirituality within an Australian context.

The work of Eremos is guided by elected members who comprise the Council. At the AGM on 23rd October 2011, Council elections were held, with 7 members re-elected and 3 new members welcomed. We farewelled Anne Bailey, Rod Pattenden, and Jacquie Pryor with many thanks for the huge contribution they have all made to the organisation over the years.

2011-12 Council members are:

1)    Joseph Abad
2)    Anne Deane
3)    Robert Leighton Jones (Events Committee member)
4)    Kate Scholl (Chair)
5)    Judy Seccombe (Books for Groups Coordinator)
6)    Malcolm Stephenson (Treasurer)
7)    Walter Mason (Events Committee member)
8)    Janet O’Sullivan (Retreats Coordinator)
9)    Frances MacKay (Magazine Editor)
10)  Joe Janssen (Minutes Secretary)
11)  Ann-Maree O’Beirne (ex officio as Membership Officer)
12)  Stephanie Gesling (ex officio as Events Officer)