Sustaining Eremos

Our conversation evolves with each new generation. We hope Eremos will continue to be a space where we can write, read and discuss subjects that would not otherwise find a forum.

Where our funds are spent

Eremos relies on membership fees, donations and events income to be sustainable. Our funds go towards publishing and distributing EREMOS magazine and supplements; website maintenance and development; keeping in touch with members; promoting Eremos to the wider public; managing our legal and financial responsibilities; upgrading our Books for Groups resources; managing Eremos event and retreat registrations; and providing subsidies to low income members and people attending events.

Part-time contractors assist the Council and our extensive volunteer teams with these tasks, providing professional and efficient support.

Keep the conversation alive

For over 30 years, Eremos has been a place people look to for meaningful and stimulating publications, retreats and events, and broad minded conversations. Your donation enables EREMOS to continue to be a high quality publication and for Eremos Institute be a resource to the wider community.


How to donate

We invite you to donate to help sustain Eremos in the long term. There are several ways to do so:

  1. Using our online donation form.
  2. By posting a cheque, mail order or your credit card details (Visa/Mastercard, name on card, card number, expiry, amount, and signature) to: Eremos Institute, PO Box 3113, St Paul’s LPO, NSW 2031.
  3. By bank deposit. Make a deposit at any Westpac branch.
  4. By internet banking. Perform a direct transfer or set up regular scheduled payments to Eremos.

BSB 032 036
Account 350 922

Important: If possible, please record your name as the reference on the deposit and be sure to email the date and amount of the transaction to so we can send you a receipt.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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