Events & Retreats

07 September 2014
Mary McAleese will be in Sydney as the guest of Aquinas Academy and Catalyst for Renewal in the first week...
30 August 2014
A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing
23 August 2014
A seminar for Fathers, Grandfathers and those in a fathering role.
26 July 2014
How do we celebrate, use and share the insights and gifts we have discovered throughout our lives?
06 July 2014
Coping with the mysteries of life and death
31 May 2014
A Day with James Alison exploring what it means to be a son or daughter of God
28 May 2014
Why it is that the theological virtue of “hope” has become so difficult to talk about rationally?
23 May 2014
Reflections on Eco-Faith and Nurturing the Earth from some of Australia’s most prominent religious thinkers

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