About Groups

From its very beginning, Eremos has nurtured small group gatherings where people can share their experiences and learn with and be nourished by one another in a common exploration.

Starting a group

The Eremos Membership Secretary may be able to assist members to find others to form a group in their area. Most of the current Eremos groups are listed on the current groups page.

Please feel free to email directly the group contact listed near you. If you have any need of further assistance please contact


The focus of Eremos groups is on collegiality and sharing, rather than an expert leader. Most groups use our Books for Groups resources and read a book over a course of several weeks or months. Some also use the EREMOS magazine articles as stimulation for a regular discussion.

There are more than 40 titles available for group or personal study.
• Check the website ( for a list of titles.
• A flyer listing all the titles can be emailed or posted to you –  email or phone us.
• To borrow books – email, or phone or write to us.
• To list your group on this page – email, or phone or write to us.

Elaine Alinta | Eremos Groups, P.O. Box 198 Glenbrook NSW 2773 | (02) 4739 0632


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