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Out of Eremos

In March 2008, Eremos was being challenged to find new ways of being and new ways of interacting with the wider community of those seeking to find new depths in their spirituality. At that time we were, and still are, also facing unprecedented challenges to our worldviews, the meaning of our lives, and the consequences of our past actions, in relation to our lifestyles, our economic system, our faith communities.

Our response has been to initiate a network of small dialogue groups, meeting once a month, facilitated by an Eremos member, where we can dialogue around crucial questions about issues of concern, with a few focus questions each meeting. These were envisaged to meet for a definite duration.

We chose the name ‘Out of Eremos’—gleaning the wisdom which comes from a long sojourn in the desert and using our understanding of a new spirituality which is not exclusive, one which acknowledges our dependence on the natural world, and one which contributes to solutions rather than being part of the problem. Faith communities have a crucial role in the current dialogue as they potentially have a much broader lens with which to view the one world we all share.

The challenge obviously resonated with Eremos members and produced a heartwarming response from those wishing to participate in some way. Two groups met in different parts of Sydney for about two years - in Randwick and Ermington. The discussions followed a light meal. Attempts to start a new Out of Eremos group occurred in the Hunter/Newcastle region in May, 2010.

We hope that new groups will form around issues of concern. Guidelines have been produced to assist with the facilitation of these groups, and focus material is available from the initial series of meetings. If you are interested in participating in or starting a group, or would like further information, please contact us.