Eremos Magazine - About Eremos Magazine

EREMOS magazine, published quarterly, contains contributions from members and non-members on a wide range of issues relating to spirituality and belief in an Australian context.

EREMOS offers the means for new writers to be published and add their emerging voice to the conversation.

Contributions are typically articles, book reviews, poetry and occasional artworks with a personal approach and readable style.

Frances MacKay (Editor), Jacquie Pryor (Previous Editor), and Ian Swallow (Production Editor).

The Editorial Team

  • Editor: Frances MacKay
  • Production Editor: Ian Swallow
  • Editorial team: Rob Brennan, Anne Deane, Sue Emeleus, 
Don Meadows, Christine Sivewright, Peter Willis.

What can you expect to find in EREMOS?

Submissions to the magazine are accepted on merit and authenticity of expression. You will find honest stories in its pages.

You will find articles on ecological concerns, writers struggling with unbelief, contributions from those concerned with inequity and marginalised groups, writers from other faiths sharing how their traditions address universal human challenges, Christians coming to terms with the failures of Christendom at the same time as holding that the Jesus of history, the Jesus of legend and the Jesus of our deeper imagining remains a paradigm of inclusive leadership for these times.

Occasional supplements provide extended reading on selected topics and special issues such as the Essay Supplement No 28 - March 2013, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God: A Fresh look at a familiar saying with the help of Rene Girard, written by Bruce Wilson.

"EREMOS won my admiration and recollected my hope in a single sentence. It showed the pathway to living with paradox instead of craving for certainties."

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