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About Eremos Magazine

EREMOS is the magazine of the Eremos Institute, an inclusive association with its roots in Christianity, offering a forum and support for individuals and communities to explore, express and deepen their spirituality within an Australian context.

“Eremos is my way of staying connected to what really matters.”

“I love the magazine – each issue is filled with writings which inspire and encourage me”

Subscription to the quarterly Eremos magazine also entitles you to receive a discount on all events and retreats, and password access to 'members only' sections of this website, including sections for past magazine issues and, in the future, audio recordings of past Eremos seminars and workshops. 

Eremos is a community of members supported entirely by the membership and not funded by any other body.

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EREMOS welcomes contributions. Please see the contribute section for deadlines, accepted content and contact details for submissions.

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EREMOS magazine is issued quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Editor: Frances MacKay
Production Editor: Ian Swallow
Editorial team: Rob Brennan, Sue Emeleus, Anne Linklater,
Don Meadows, Linda Turton, Peter Willis

ISSN 1037-4922 Printed by Washington Press, Annandale, NSW.