The Eremos Community

Eremos is an inclusive, supportive network, '..magnanimous in mind, heart and spirit' - Noel Davis

A broad spiritual exploration

While Eremos began in a Christian context, members have explored many other faiths and philosophies such as Aboriginal spirituality, Buddhism or Hinduism. These have also become part of the conversation.

Many of our members are active in faith communities. They are involved in education, artistic expression, spiritual practice, community building, social justice and more. Some members identify with no religious beliefs or have left institutional religion behind.

Where our members come from

Eremos members (nearly 600 people) are from every state of Australia and beyond. They share a desire to explore questions of faith and meaning.

Many of those who were foundation members in 1982 are still active Eremos members today. They have been joined by hundreds of others who relish the friendly and supportive dialogue and the variety of resources available.

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