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Posted: 30 October 2014
The woman who kick-started the global labyrinth movement 20 years ago is coming to Sydney to speak and teach...
Posted: 28 October 2014
Brothers from the Taize community will travel to Australia and New Zealand in February 2015.
Posted: 25 October 2014
Even if it is just a conscious decision to take time out or to honour life or to create something more, when...
Posted: 20 October 2014
Religious ‘zeal’ is something our culture tends to be suspicious of – and rightly so....
Posted: 29 September 2014
What is the theological virtue of hope and why has it become so difficult to talk about it rationally?
Posted: 29 September 2014
An important piece of Australian theology reflects on the appeal to transcendence in ethics with reference...
Posted: 28 September 2014
Earlier this month, twelve intrepid Eremos members ventured across NSW, staying at Trangie and White Cliffs...
Posted: 18 September 2014
Contributors to the September issue of EREMOS magazine tackle atonement, eco-spirituality, contemplating the...
Posted: 20 August 2014
Progressive US Christian scholar to speak in Sydney in September.

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