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Posted: 25 February 2017
Anne Deane interviews visual artist, Emel Jurd about Emel’s passions for painting and caring for...
Posted: 27 December 2016
I first joined Eremos in the late 1980’s, not very long after its inception in 1982. I was a young...
Posted: 10 November 2016
Eremos Books for Groups recognises the power of books to stimulate, challenge and comfort.
Posted: 28 October 2016
If you have an idea that you would like to be involved in a book discussion group keep with that idea...
Posted: 5 October 2016
Warren Talbot has joined Eremos as our new Membership Officer, following the resignation of Jonathon Rea due...
Posted: 5 May 2016
"When our attention is focused inwardly at the depth of our inner being, in the context of the wholeness of...
Posted: 5 May 2016
Ros Bradley reflects on the artwork she encountered on a recent trip to Japan.
Posted: 10 April 2016
Eremos’ inaugural event for 2016 Exploring the religious conflicts in Syria and Iraq was terrific.
Posted: 29 March 2016
It is Friday evening. I have driv­en with two friends from Mudgee to the Brahama Kumaris Retreat Centre...

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