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2 June 2017

Treasuring our story: the archiving project

Calling for Eremos artefacts! Pull out those drawers, the box under the bed, the files at the back of the cabinet! If you have any items – photographs, documents, letters – that could be donated to the archives of Eremos, or to the State Library of NSW, please contact us.


2 June 2017

Please contact Linda Turton (member of the Eremos Council) via the address below if you can help or email

A list of the particular items needed at this time are listed below.


The original artwork shown in the picture* is just one item we hope to donate to the State Library of NSW or to keep in our own archives. It is from the original artwork for the front cover of EREMOS Exploring Spirituality in Australia, Twentieth Anniversary Issue Aug 2002 No. 80: Asylum Seekers by Margaret Ackland.

The Archives Project

Linda Turton, Eremos Council member, is putting together collections of the hardcopies of our publications for three destinations: National Library of Australia, NSW State Library and an Eremos archive. 

Copies of the following are needed:

Newsletters/ Magazines -
Eremos Newsletter, (4) issues: vol. 4; Autumn ’89 No.26; Winter ’89 No.27; Spring ’89 No.28’ EREMOS Exploring Spirituality in Australia, magazine issues: December 2014 No.129; December 2015 No. 133.

Eremos Newsletter Occasional Essay Supplements  -
“Spiritual Growth: Will We be Adolescents at 65?” by Bruce Wilson (un-numbered)
“Experience and the Knowledge of God: An historical examination of the place of reason and emotion in Christian Life” by Susan Mary Withycombe (the second essay)
“Towards an Australian Spirituality” by Sr Michaela C.S.Cl (the sixth essay, September, 1987)
“Embodiment and Incarnation: Notes on Preparing an Anthology of Australian Religious Verse” by Les A. Murray  (the seventh essay, January, 1987)
“A Journey into Paradox  Dilemmas in the Personal Spiritual Pilgrimage” by Hedley Beare  (the tenth essay) June, 1989

Booklet -
“A Tribute to Jacquie Pryor from the Eremos Membership on her retirement as Editor of EREMOS: EXPLORING SPIRITUALITY IN AUSTRALIA February 2011" Colour edition.

Please post donations of the above to
Linda Turton
Eremos Archivist
Eremos Institute
c/- Pitt Street Uniting Church
264 Pitt St
Sydney  NSW 2000

Background to the Archives Project

The contribution to Australian society and history made by Eremos over the last 35 years is immeasurable. These decades span a time of great Australian writers and artists, thinkers and theologians (many of whom became Eremos members or contributed to our events and publications); a re-embracing of the disciplines of silence and meditation; an attending to Aboriginal practitioners of dadirri; and a widespread grassroots movement of exploration of religious and spiritual traditions.

Eremos in the early 1980s, with its weekend retreats, events and workshops, the publication of Eremos Newsletter and later the EREMOS Magazine and Essay Supplements, was a pioneer in its exploration of ancient spiritual disciplines, and of how the Christian tradition related to Australian society, the arts, and social and environmental justice. Eremos has continued to this day, providing a forum for the voices of spiritual exploration, within Christianity and beyond, in Australia and in our world.

Preserving the material artefacts of Eremos has been an ongoing project – records filed away over the years and copies of the publications submitted to the State Library of NSW. Our thanks go to the past Council Secretaries and Directors of Eremos, to the South Hurstville Anglican Church for providing storage space, and to the volunteers who met the physical and mental challenges of sorting, culling, and moving materials. Our thanks also go to those who have in recent times created and maintained the computer/internet storage of documents and publications.

The task goes on. At present, energies are focussed on completing the hardcopy collection at the State Library of NSW and creating a separate archival set of publications and other materials to be held by Eremos, for use by the membership, or the editor or historian of the future.

If you have any other original material relevant to Eremos that could be archived, please post it to the address above. Make sure you accompany the item with your name and contact details, and any historical information as to the writer/photographer, date, geographic location or purpose of the item.

*Permission granted by artist.


Linda Turton
Linda Turton - 27 February 2018

Progress has been made! Both the National Library of Australia and the State Library of NSW have now received the Eremos publications that they desired in order to complement their collections. An Eremos-held archival collection is being maintained as well. The survey of documents is nearing completion and will be offered to one of these public libraries.
If you have any of the items noted in the above article that you wish to donate please contact me as I hope to make a second collection of Eremos publications for research by Eremos members, along with a record of documents and photographs.
Thank you to all who have already sent me items needed - greatly appreciated!
I am hoping that in the near future I will be able to offer to you, members and friends of Eremos, early Newsletters, issues of EREMOS magazines and Essay Supplements at a small cost, to supplement your own collections.
Best wishes
Linda Turton (Eremos hardcopies archivist)

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