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10 November 2017

Friends of Eremos Featured: InterPlay Australia

InterPlay Australia is an organisation dedicated to an ethic of play.


10 November 2017

InterPlay aims to be an open spiritual system honouring each persons’ unique physicality, tradition and faith (including those who don’t claim any spirituality).

InterPlay itself was founded by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter in the USA and is now practised in over 50 cities on 4 continents, including Australia where it was founded by Rod Pattenden, Trish Watts and Susanna Pain 25 years ago.

Its technique is based on integrating body, mind and spirit so that individuals, groups and communities might find a more expressive sense of joy and wholeness in their lives and communities. It encourages us to notice in our bodies what feels delightful, playful and liberating and then do more of those things in our lives. Be more in our bodies, less in our heads! InterPlay calls this ‘body wisdom’. People often describe their experiences as ‘sacred’, ‘profoundly spiritual’ or ‘sneaky deep’.

The modalities that it uses are movement, voice, stillness and story-making. Although it is improvisational and spontaneous the practice occurs in the safety of InterPlay ‘forms’ and principles. The idea is that, if we take small incremental steps, amazingly we can do things that we never dreamed possible.  For example, as a child I was told that I couldn’t sing (except in Church where my voice was drowned out by others so I sang quite un-tunefully but happily) so that when I came to InterPlay I was terrified of the ‘voice’ component. I still can’t sing in tune but I sure can use my voice!

InterPlay aims to be an open spiritual system honouring each persons’ unique physicality, tradition and faith (including those who don’t claim any spirituality.)  One of the key principles of InterPlay is affirmation or ‘looking for the good’ focussing on our strengths, building on positives, creating a relaxed environment and an enjoyable culture where it’s fun to work/play together. People often express surprise that they only receive ‘positives’ and are never criticised or judged for anything they do. This is because of the improvisational nature of InterPlay.  By definition, one can’t do anything ‘wrong’ if it’s spontaneous and ‘in-the-moment’, especially within the safety of the ‘form’ that one is undertaking at any given moment.

For those who want to dive more deeply into the principles and tools of InterPlay we offer a Life Practice Program where participants explore how they can build more grace, joy and energy in their own lives and then they are eligible to undertake the Leader Training Program where they can be trained to lead others. InterPlay is engaged with a variety of community and cultural groups practising inclusive play, connection and creativity and we encourage our leaders to use the tools in both work situations and the wider world.

For people wanting to know more about InterPlay Australia visit

For those ready to give it a try the following events are coming up and are perfect for beginners, long-timers and those returning to InterPlay:

Join InterPlay co-founder Phil Porter and InterPlay Australia co-founder, Trish Watts to learn new ways of approaching the work of transformation, both personal and collective, based firmly in the wisdom of the body.

THURS 11 – SAT 13 JAN 2018
Community Night: Fri 12 January

FRI 19 – SUN 21 JAN 2018
Community Night: Sat 20 January

THURS 25 – SAT 27 JAN 2018
Community Night: Fri 26 January

Register for one of more of these via

Trish Fairley
InterPlay Australia 


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