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Upcoming Events for 2014

 Eremos invites you

 to our upcoming 2014 events


Intensive Journal® Life Context Workshop

A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing.
Led by Kate Scholl

4 consecutive Thursday nights: May 1, 8, 15, and 22. 6:30 - 9:15 pm

Venue: The Grail, 22 McHatton St, North Sydney

Often we are aware of a desire to live more authentically and to feel more connected to our ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. This workshop introduces the Intensive Journal® process, a practical tool to explore our inner stirrings and move forward more grounded in our own life. This holistic practice offers a dynamic method for managing issues and concerns with greater awareness of our inner strengths and resources.

The Intensive Journal® combines one of the oldest methods of self-exploration, keeping a journal, with a structured format that enables you to get to know the inner core of your life on an ever-deeper level. It empowers you to gain a fuller perspective of your life and unlock hidden creative potential.

The Intensive Journal® Program can help you to 

  • Live more authentically, connected to your deepest values and aspirations
  • Gain greater self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Work out career directions and major decisions
  • Gain insight into your relationship patterns and life direction
  • Develop skills and practices to reflect on all aspects of your life

hand writing with a pen on paper

Kate Scholl has been leading Intensive Journal® workshops for 30 years and is passionate about their potential for enabling one to live more creatively and genuinely.

Cost: $140 or $120 for Eremos members; $20 less for concession. All materials plus supper is included. Please bring along a 3 ring binder. Register by Monday 28th April.
Early registration is recommended as spaces are limited for this workshop.

Follow this link to register and pre-pay for the workshop series:

For more information about the Intensive Journal® visit

A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing.

Email for further information about this workshop.


Wednesday Evening 28 May: James Alison Lecture

7 - 8:30pm followed by refreshments
Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney
$25 or $20 for Eremos members. $5 less for concession

Follow the link below to register and pre-pay for this event:

We are delighted to offer another event with James who is an amazing writer, speaker, and theologian. He has authored several books, including The Joy of Being Wrong: Original Sin through Easter Eyes and Faith beyond Resentment: Fragments Catholic and Gay.

James is puzzled by why it is that the theological virtue of “hope” has become so difficult to talk about rationally. James will explore new ways of understanding how memory and desire mesh together, following on from Girard’s understanding of desire and our increased awareness of how we are structured relationally. He is looking to see if we can recover a sense of what hope is, and see how it works as a central part of Christian living.James Alison is a Catholic priest, theologian, and author (born London, UK) who currently lives in Brazil.

James Alison

Winter Wisdom Series

This is a two part series. Attend one or both of these events.

Sunday 6 July 2 - 5.00 pm
Gail O’Brien - Coping with the mysteries of life and death

Gail O’Brien has experienced deep loss in her life including the death of her husband Dr. Chris O’Brien in 2009 and her eldest son Adam who died from an epileptic fit two years later. Before he died, Chris and Gail dreamt of creating a holistic and comprehensive cancer centre at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. After his death, Gail was determined his dream would become a reality and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse opened at RPA in September 2013.

In the first of the Eremos Winter Wisdom Series, Gail will explore what she has learned of the mystery of life and death and the will to survive and thrive amidst adversity. For those attending, Gail’s story opens up the opportunity to reflect on these themes in their own lives.

Sunday 10 August 2 - 5.30 pm
Evie Parkin - Aboriginal Spirituality

Evie describes herself: “I am a Quandamooka woman from Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island). I was born and raised on an Aboriginal Community called 'One Mile'. The creeks on the Island are like the veins that pump through the sacredness of Mother Earth sustaining everything along the way. We are the people of the Sand and Sea "Yulu-Burri-Ba" I would like to share my views on Aboriginal Spirituality and how it is integral to my life. It is like an axel that keeps the wheels turning. “ There will be time for quiet reflection and group sharing.

yellow black and red stones in the shape of the Aboriginal Australian flag

Venue for both events: Drummoyne Community Centre, 10 Cometrowe Street, Drummoyne, situated in a beautiful parkland setting with water views.

Cost per event: $30.00 or $20 for members and $5 less for concession. Includes afternoon tea.

For map and transport information to venue:

Eremos Retreats

In 2014 the retreats have the theme: The Blessings and Challenges of Ageing

calm water beach clouds blue sky

Harvesting the Fruits of our Lives
Saturday July 26, 10 am- 4 pm.
Yaraandoo near Galston
This retreat invites us into reflecting on our deepened spirituality in the maturity stage of our lives, and on how we experience, celebrate and use/ share insights we have gained, gifts we have discovered.
Cost: $70 or $60 for members; $10 less for concession. Includes morning tea and lunch.
Bookings essential: Please register no later than Friday 18th July.

A Spring retreat is also being planned. Details coming soon.

For further details contact Janet O’Sullivan Email:


Our premier 2014 event


From 'Insiders and Outsiders' to a
Life without Borders

Sunday Afternoon 30 March

2 – 4 pm

Pitt Street Uniting Church, Sydney

A very special event with Dr Val Webb

 Val Webb in front of bookcase full of colourful books

‘I define my faith, not by its borders but by its roots, that is, a seeker after the Sacred’ - Diana Eck

$25 or $20 for Eremos members. $5 less for concession. Bookings appreciated.

Afternoon tea will be served.

We are delighted to have Val Webb launch our first event for 2014, enlivened by the music of Another Roadside Attraction, a semi-professional choir committed to social justice.

‘Insiders and outsiders’ are part of our lives, whether that is in religion, politics, race or economics; and are based on subjective and cultural biases. Val invites us to ask of dualistic assumptions such as good and evil, right and wrong, spiritual and secular, cultured and primitive, what are simply ingrained beliefs and what is something we cannot lose.

In her book, Stepping Out with the Sacred: human attempts to engage the Divine, Val Webb writes:

"In any era, the outspoken and the outsiders do the groundwork for change that may not be established until a few decades later. As people without borders, we must continue to be the leaven in the bread, the salt in the soup, the light in the darkness when it comes to living with authenticity in our time and place. People like us are usually in the minority and on the margins of institutions, but we crystallize our thinking on the perimeter such that, when authorities are finally ready to embrace new thinking, the paperwork is done." (p. 261)

Come and join fellow edge dwellers to be challenged, refreshed, and engaged.

Dr Val Webb is an Australian theologian with a graduate degree in science and a Ph.D. in theology. She is a very popular presenter in Australia and overseas and author of ten books. Val resides in Mudgee and participates in the Mudgee Eremos Group. More info on Val:

Endorsements of Dr Val Webb

‘Val Webb is one of the most exciting Christian voices in the 21st century. Brilliantly she penetrates beneath the surface of traditional religious formulations and discovers the power and purpose of words as having the ability to point to a realm of truth that words cannot finally capture’.

- Bishop John Shelby Spong

‘Val Webb had convincingly shown that the vast knowledge of world religions can lead us to a more inclusive appreciation of God, which can deepen our spiritual experience as well as forge bridges of understanding between faiths’.

- Rachael Kohn

"Few theologians can weave together history, theology and biblical studies with such playful clarity and worldly wisdom as Val Webb".

- Rev. Dr. Nancy Victorin-Vangerud.

More quotes provided by Val on the topic:

‘The nature of God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere’
-Empedocles (490-430 BCE)

"You can survive on your own; you can grow strong on your own; you can prevail on your own; but you cannot become human on your own." Frederick Buechner

"I want to distinguish between views about faith that create great intolerance of those who differ with us and views that support appreciation of differences. The major obstacle to interfaith tolerance seems to be seeing faith as the opinions we take to be true. Nearly as pernicious is the notion that faith means felt certainty ... Unless you are constantly willing to let go of current conceptualizations so that more mature ones can appear, you are locking yourself into a prison of stunted faith development". Mary Jo Meadow