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Posted: 27 May 2017
Eremos is collaborating with the Grail to offer this forum exploring faith, spirituality, citizenship, and...
Posted: 22 May 2017
Home is our place of origin and our place of arrival.
Posted: 19 May 2017
David Tacey gives us a taste of his upcoming Eremos talk on 9 July.
Posted: 1 March 2017
A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing
Posted: 28 February 2017
In today’s uncertain times, the labyrinth is receiving a resurgence in popularity and can now be found...
Posted: 27 February 2017
A stimulating and challenging address by David Tacey will be the second ‘What in the World is going...
Posted: 25 February 2017
Sue Hanna reflects on the Stations of the Cross Lenten art walk and the experience of communal and...
Posted: 2 February 2017
Anne Deane interviews visual artist, Emel Jurd about Emel’s passions for painting and caring for...
Posted: 22 January 2017
Thresholds in life are like doorways where we find ourselves “in between here and there." We may see a...

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