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1 November 2017

Depth Contact Intensive Journal Workshop led by Kate Scholl.

Kate Scholl has been using the Intensive Journal® in her own life for over 35 years and leading workshops since 1984.


1 November 2017

Saturday and Sunday 18 and 19 November
9.30-4.30pm each day
at The Grail, 22 McHatton Street,
North Sydney.

Led by Kate Scholl.

Bookings essential 
Registrations are still open:

For further information please email:

Kate (pictured right) is a highly skilled facilitator and deeply passionate about the potential for transformation the Journal enables. This workshop introduces new methods for exploring dreams and images, experiences of significant connection, ultimate concerns of our life and events which have shaped us.

It builds on the Life Context Intensive Journal® workshop developed by Ira Progoff, which is a prerequisite.  Completing this workshop provides access to the complete range of the methods of the Intensive Journal® that enables a unifying and transformative process for living our lives with depth and meaning.

Cost: $160/ members $130 early bird deduction of $20 for online bookings made by 20 October.

Registrations are still open.

Book via trybooking:

For further information please email:

Or phone Kate: 0425 211 065

For more information about the Intensive Journal® :

-  visit - A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing

- read this article by Kate Scholl, Writing Our Truth: The Intensive Journal Process Explored


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