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19 January 2017

We mourn the death of Jacquie Pryor

For Eremos members everywhere, past and present, the news of Jacquie’s death from lymphoma on 20 December 2016 at 71 years of age will bring to our hearts both sadness and gratitude.


19 January 2017

Jacquie was stalwart in her struggle with illness and in facing death. Having undergone treatment for several years she accepted with grace and courage that there was no longer a therapy she could safely undertake. Her death is a great loss to all who knew and loved her.

As we mourn her death we are grateful for her enormous contribution to Eremos, from its earliest days to the present. Looking back through the decades, we see mentor, archivist, Membership Secretary, Council member, Magazine Editor, Production (and layout) Editor, writer, Executive Director, coordinator of regional discussion groups, manager of the first Eremos Bookshop, book reviewer, contributor to early administrative policy…and ultimately in 1982/3 one of the founders of Eremos Institute.

Her continuing commitment and energy for what Eremos can achieve for religious and spiritual conversation in Australia was an inspiration: to those who worked with her, and to those who experienced her touch through Eremos events and publications.

The March 2017 issue of EREMOS magazine will contain a more comprehensive valediction to Jacquie Pryor. Meanwhile the PDF booklet A Tribute to Jacquie Pryor from the Eremos Membership,  produced at the end of 2010, to mark her retirement from the roles of Magazine Editor, Production Editor and Membership Secretary, is available for your perusal via the link above.

You are also invited to share your tributes to Jacquie by clicking on ‘Comments’ below. 

Jacquie’s funeral and burial were held on 5 January 2017 at St Jude’s Anglican Church (Randwick). Rob Brennan – of the EREMOS Editorial Team – gave the eulogy and many past and present Eremos members were in attendance to remember Jacquie and celebrate her full and amazing life.

Dear Jacquie, we all join with your family in what they wrote at the end of the notice of your death in The Sydney Morning Herald, 24-25 December, 2016: We will never forget you.


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