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27 February 2018

Critical Time for the Future of Eremos

At the most recent meeting of the Eremos Council we faced the news that Eremos at a critical juncture.


27 February 2018

Dear Friends,

At the most recent meeting of the Eremos Council we faced the news that Eremos is at a critical juncture.  Our membership numbers have declined to a point where income is not sufficient to meet all of our expenses. With our financial reserves nearly depleted, we know that if we don’t increase memberships and donations in the next few months we will become unsustainable and may have to cease operations.

We share this distressing news at time when we feel Eremos and what it stands for is needed more than ever. As Noel Davis expresses so poignantly in this recent news item, ‘We are inherently good. So much of our contemporary culture tells us otherwise. It distracts us from this reverential reality. So often love is conditional on performance, appearance, position, achievement and compliance.

We are distracted also from the reality we need each other. Selfies are in fashion. Fierce competition has invaded and corrupted the kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom, the building of a house, the creation of a garden, renovations, our recreational pursuits. We are pitted against one another in all the arenas of life.’ See more: Heart Coming Home by Noel Davis


There are over 900 people who subscribe to our free newsletter living in all parts of the world. We want you to know our situation and give you an opportunity to respond. You may have some ideas about how we can increase our funds, you may be in a position to help or get involved with Eremos and lend your time, or you may wish to help us financially.

We invite you, our newsletter subscriber, to consider taking up a paid membership, giving a gift membership and/or making a donation (no amount is too small) to assist Eremos to continue.

There are 3 ways to donate and/ or become a member


Join Eremos: Take up an Eremos membership 

Make a donation: website donation form

Or through email/post and bank deposit

Direct online bank transfer into the Eremos account or deposit at a Westpac branch.

BSB 032 036  Account 350 922. Include your surname and ‘mem’ in the funds transfer description and email  advising of the payment and include your contact details


Post your donation or membership payment including a note with the purpose of your payment, your name, address, email (if you have one) and contact phone number to the address below.


Eremos Institute

c/o Pitt Street Uniting Church 264 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000


This artwork by Rob O’Brien leads this story because it expresses nourishment, depth, tapping into ancient sources, and people on the move in an Australian landscape. All of these describe Eremos and its aspirations and activities during the past 35 years.

As an Eremos Council we believe that there are more stories to tell, connections to be made, resources to share and dialogues to hold that Eremos will facilitate. Over the years our readers have described the inclusiveness of Eremos as one of its strengths, appreciating and supporting Eremos in its independent voice. Our website and magazine provide the means for people share their spiritual questions, longings and discoveries. We invite you to help that to grow and flourish.

Thank you for your consideration. We welcome your questions, thoughts and comments either in the comments below or directly to one of us on the Council.

Bethany South, Eremos Council Chairperson

Kate Scholl, Eremos Communications Coordinator


Elizabeth Dawson
Elizabeth Dawson - 5 April 2018

I would like to help in whatever way I can. I am disturbed by your news and have to confess that I have been ignorant of Eremos until right now, even though Noel Davis and Trish are people very close to my heart as dear friends, physically, socially and above all spiritualty. So you can depend on me to do SOMETHING. Help me to think. Love and blessing from Elizabeth

Kate Scholl
Kate Scholl - 18 April 2018

Elizabeth, it is wonderful to hear from you and hear of your desire to do something. This is most encouraging for those of us on the Council to hear. Please contact me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we can discuss how you can help.

Johanna Blows
Johanna Blows - 4 May 2018

Thank you, for carrying on, Eremos!  I have always loved the Taize way of worship and I’m glad to hear you are still going.  I found out about (rediscovered) you by finding among my husband’s music, a beautiful small book:  “Songs and Prayers from Taize”  Mark Blows, my husband, died early this year.  We moved to Gosford from Sydney in 2013 and I would like to make a small donation ($100.) in his memory.  Here, around Gosford, there are occasional Taize services, and I think contact with you, through your newsletter, will encourage and refresh this movement here.

Linda Turton
Linda Turton - 17 May 2018

Thank you very much for your support Joanna!
Yours in appreciation
Linda (Eremos Council member)

Kate Scholl
Kate Scholl - 19 May 2018

Dear Johanna,
I am very sorry to hear of Mark’s death and we are touched that you wish to honour him in this way. Taize services are a wonderful time for quiet prayer and reflection through music and silence. Many of our members enjoy Taize services in various parts of Australia and have visited the Taize community in France. Please contact me directly through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you would like to discuss how we can refresh and renew Eremos and other spiritual opportunities on the Central Coast.

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