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28 November 2017

Holy Innocents

This poem comes from Heart Coming Home, Noel Davis’ eighth book of reflective poetry.


28 November 2017

The book Heart Coming Home by Noel Davis’ completes the circle that began with the publication of Heart Gone Walkabout 26 years ago.

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 UN Photo, John Isaac | Creative Commons


It is the children who take us by the hand

and lead us home.

They are reaching out to us now

each of them

from sinking boats

from behind razor wire fences

washed up on the shore

condemned to living and dying

in unrelenting fear and trauma

with parents desperate to find

a safe haven.

They are the holy innocents of our day.

What now their present abuse and abandonment?

Let the children come unto me.’*

They are reaching us now

eyes fixed on us

hoping we will reach out to them

be the Hands and Refuge of God.

*Matthew 19:14

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