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21 January 2017

Growing Eremos Fund

A great big thank you for the donations received for the Growing Eremos Fund. We are hoping many more people can donate to exclusively fund a Promotions Officer to increase our membership and participation in our activities.


21 January 2017

For details of how to donate click the 'download brochure' link below to download the form.

Council member Kate Scholl proposed the idea of a plan to raise $10,000 + by seeking one-off donations from Eremos members and supporters and use the funds to promote Eremos, at the planning meeting in July 2016.

“Continually asking for donations to meet costs is a short term solution. Eremos will operate sustainably with 500 plus members, and so our goal is to gain 100 new members by mid 2017.”

To achieve this goal, the Council seeks to engage a Membership Promotions professional who will work with them to strategically promote Eremos to a diverse audience.

“I believe there are many people across Australia and beyond that would join if they knew about Eremos. We have often heard people say, ‘I wish I had heard about Eremos years ago.’ We need to find those people and bring them on board.”

Eremos provides a stimulating and supportive community for people to explore their own spiritual journey, and also provides a much needed prophetic voice and forum for conversation on broader contemporary issues. “Along with a variety of resources, Eremos produces a high quality publication that is widely respected and acclaimed. It’s time to let more people know about EREMOS invite their engagement.”

Eremos members have been very generous in past fundraising initiatives. This time we extend this invitation to our Newsletter readers and other supporters to help us achieve our goal. This is your opportunity to make this possible – only through donations can this position be funded.

Please participate by making a strategic, one-off donation to our Growing Eremos Fund. This fund will finance a Promotions Officer to work exclusively on membership promotion and gaining new members.

We seek your help to create a sustainable future for Eremos.

Please respond now so we can get this initiative underway. Details of how to donate are in this form (click to download).

Thank you for giving this your thoughtful consideration.

Kate Scholl and Bethany South
On behalf of the Eremos Council


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