About Eremos

A gathering and centering point for companions who follow their yearnings and go to the edge.

The Eremos Magazine

A cornerstone of the Eremos community is the magazine EREMOS,  a rich offering of personal reflection, comment, exploration, book reviews, poetry news and events. A regular reader of EREMOS comments:

"EREMOS is my way of staying connected to what really matters."

Current and past copies of the magazine are available online to all active members as a PDF file. Past Issues Contributions are welcome. How to Contribute

Opportunities to connect

Regular Retreats have always been a major focus of Eremos (meaning 'wilderness' or 'desert'), just as they were when Eremos began. 

In entering the 'wilderness' or 'desert' we discover what is most essential to us, who we truly are and what we are called to by our God.

Occasional Workshops & Seminars are organised by the Eremos Council or in collaboration with individuals and organisations who share our vision. Events are held in the Sydney area, as well as some other locations around Australia and online. Partnering with other groups and/or led by local members we have held retreats and events in Canberra, Mornington Peninsula, Brisbane, and Melbourne.Our online events and retreat days enable participation by people across Australia.  

Regional Discussion Groups are initiated and hosted by Eremos members and provide a place for people to meet and engage in conversations exploring what it is to experience the spiritual aspect of life in Australia.

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Social media, particularly our FaceBook page, provides opportunities to connect online, building bridges between diverse people and finding common grounds for relating.