UPDATED: THE END OF AN ERA (Books for Groups and Individuals)

Some titles no longer available, please see the updated list on this flyer: Updated Book List July 2022


After nearly 40 years of providing sets of books for groups and individuals to read and discuss, Eremos Books for Groups is closing down.  It’s been a wonderful resource for many people over the years but in the past few years only a handful of books have been borrowed so we have made the decision to wind up this project.

We have more than 200 books available at bargain prices: a donation or the cost of postage.  Get a set (up to 10 copies) for your group or add single copies to your personal library. See full list of books below.

You can also phone (02) 4739 0632, email booksforgroups@eremos.org.au or write Elaine at PO Box 198 Glenbrook NSW 2773 for a copy of the list or to request your books. 

We thank all the people who have helped to organise and administer our book borrowing scheme over the years and most recently Elaine Alinta who has a cupboard full of books she would love to give away.

Do you have a library or group that might like multiple copies of the same title? We would be grateful for your help in getting these wonderful books into hands of people who would like to read them.

The Collection


A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH by Rosalind Bradley. 

60 people from all walks of life share their insights and wisdom on death. Describing their unique experiences they reveal that, beyond the mystery and heartache, death teaches us invaluable lessons about how we live our lives.


THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JESUS: HIS BLUEPRINT FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE WORLD by Lorraine Parkinson  What kind of world would result if Jesus’ teachings were actually taken seriously?


NO FIXED ADDRESS: FAITH AS JOURNEY by John Bodycomb  Fifty-four years ordained, with nothing to prove or to fear, Bodycomb answers questions many have been afraid to ask.


THE ADVANCE OF LOVE: READING THE BIBLE WITH AN EVOLUTIONARY HEART by Bruce Sanguin  Creatively integrating the latest insights from cosmology, biology, cultural studies and developmental and integral theory with perennial mystical wisdom.


THE SONG OF THE SEED by Macrina Wiederkehr. This course will encourage a search for the sacred in personal and group life.


MEETING JESUS AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith by Marcus J. Borg. Contemporary research presents a fresh and imaginative picture of Jesus. (12 copies)


STUDYING THE GOSPELS: An Introduction by Gideon Goosen & Margaret Tomlinson. Exercises throughout the book assist group discussion.


INTIMACY AND SOLITUDE: Balancing Closeness & Independence by Stephanie Dowrick. Explores the meaning and challenges of self-acceptance and relationships. Study guide


FORGIVENESS AND OTHER ACTS OF LOVE by Stephanie Dowrick. A spiritual journey that moves beyond “traditional Christianity”. Study guide


THE ENVIRONMENT AND CHRISTIAN FAITH: An Introduction to Ecotheology by Robert Barry Leal. Discussion questions in text


JESUS: A REVOLUTIONARY BIOGRAPHY by John Dominic Crossan.  Insights into what we can know about Jesus from cross cultural anthropology, Greco-Roman history and literary text. Study guide


RESURRECTION: MYTH OR REALITY? by John Shelby Spong. A Bishop’s search for the Origins of Christianity.


A NEW CHRISTIANITY FOR A NEW WORLD by John Shelby Spong. Calls Christians into a new and radical reformation.


UNVEILING EMPIRE: Reading Revelation Then and Now by Wes Howard-Brook & Anthony Gwyther. The original context and it’s relevance today.


TOMORROW’S CATHOLIC: Understanding God & Jesus in a New Millennium by Michael Morwood. Contemporary issues pertinent to all Christian churches.


IS JESUS GOD? Finding Our Faith by Michael Morwood. How and why Jesus is to be thought of as “divine”. Explores implications for ministry, liturgy and theology.


“SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD”, A Fresh Look at a Familiar Saying with the help of Rene Girard by Bishop Bruce Wilson.


TRUE RESURRECTION by H. A. Williams. A look at Christ’s resurrection as it is experienced in our lives.


SOME DAY I’LL FIND YOU by H. A. Williams (5 copies). Autobiography.


A SHORT HISTORY OF MYTH by Karen Armstrong. From Palaeolithic to modern times human beings have always been mythmakers.


THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE by Karen Armstrong. Autobiography.


THE QUIET REVOLUTION: The Emergence of Interfaith Consciousness by Peter Kirkwood. An investigation of the interfaith movement.


A RESTLESS FAITH Leaving Fundamentalism in a Quest for God by Keith Mascord Charts a way forward for people who feel they must choose between fundamentalism and jettisoning their faith altogether.


THE JESUS FATWAH: LOVE YOUR (MUSLIM) NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF  (DVD + facilitator guide +reader) From Living the Questions



THE MAP OF LOVE by Ahdaf Soueif. Story of two families and two romances grounded in historical fact and current realities. Set in Egypt and the USA. Study guide


IT’S RAINING IN MANGO by Thea Astley. Set in north Queensland, this saga spans four generations. Study guide


IN HEAVEN AS ON EARTH: A Vision of the Afterlife — a novel by M. Scott Peck (1 copy). A stirring work of imagination — and also a profound book about the self.


KNOWLEDGE OF ANGELS by Jill Paton Walsh. The ordered tranquillity of a Mediterranean island is about to be changed. Study guide