How to Contribute

EREMOS magazine contains contributions from members and non-members on a wide range of issues relating to spirituality and belief in our contemporary world, especially in an Australian context.

EREMOS offers an opportunity for new writers to be published and to add their emerging voice to the conversation. Contributions are typically articles, book reviews, poetry with a personal approach and readable style. Artowrks and photographs to accompany articles are also welcome. 

We welcome your written or artwork contributions for consideration for publication in our magazine and suggest the following contributions:

  1. Reflections on personal experience and/or contemporary issues in light of the spiritual journey, and how these affect us and our work in the world;

  2. Reviews of books, films, music, theatre and art;

  3. Poems or meditations; graphics, e.g. drawings, paintings, photographs and cartoons.

  • Contributions may vary in length, from one-page poems and meditations to 1,500- to 2,000-word articles and reviews. Please email your contributions to Please include your postal and email addresses, telephone number and a brief biography.

  • Submissions to the magazine are accepted on merit and authenticity of expression.


Email, your content, questions or suggestions to: