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Personal Transformation through the lens of Soulcollage ®

E-course presented by Nanoya Barrett

7 fortnightly sessions starting Sunday13th September – 6th December 2020 at 10.00 a.m.

“The only journey is the one within” – Rainier Maria Rilke

“Take the first step.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” – Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a place, deep inside us, that calls to us.  Sometimes softly, sometimes like a thunderclap.  That is our soul, calling us through creativity, to be expressed.  A deep longing to be birthed – for its many voices to be heard.

SoulCollage ® takes us on this path of self- exploration, a path using imagination, images and intuition to dive deeper into our inner wisdom and guidance.  Using scissors, images and glue you can create a personal deck of the psychological, communal, chakra and archetypal energies that form and influence your spiritual self. Each zoom session you will create a card on the theme for that day.

Learn all about this amazing process developed by Seena Frost.

Contact Nanoya Barrett on for all enquiries by September 11th 2020.

Investment is $175  for full course (if this cost is prohibitive please discuss with Nanoya).   All  information necessary is emailed to you a week prior to zoom gathering, explaining step by step details.  As well as meditation scripts, and “how to” tips.  A facebook page especially created for this group will be available for those who wish to participate to connect with other participants.

Nanoya is available to answer any queries you may have: 0410 496 639














Journey to the Centre: Pilgrimage to Central Australia

Led by Rev Dr Rob McFarlane

12-20 September 2020

Limited to 20 places. Deposits due 3 August. All payments fully refundable if the tour is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Central Australia is a rich source of spirituality and beauty. Indigenous culture stretches back tens of millennia, embedded in a landscape many millions of years in formation. European presence has been a complex interaction of domination and compassion. Other people have also walked this country, such as Afghan cameleers, and many still come with a dream to call Australia home. Contemporary Alice Springs is a vibrant multicultural centre. Each of these threads are part of the tapestry we will explore.

Our Journey to the Centre is a geographical journey to the centre of our island home, and is also an emotional and spiritual journey to the centre of our being. We will combine unique opportunities for spiritual experiences as well as visit some of the iconic places of the geographic centre. These will include Campfire in the Heart, worship at Alice Springs Uniting Church, workshops and story-telling with local Christian & Indigenous leaders encountering both the dark and light sides of history, visits to missions, art galleries and studios, and experiencing the “wow factors” of Kings Canyon and Uluru. For our time together we will form an intentional community to which all are welcome.

For more information and a booking form, contact Rob McFarlane at or 0400 825 739.
To download a brochure, go to:

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World without End

Six Day On-Line Silent Retreat for Advent

6th - 12th December 2020

Guided by Catherine Heffernan rsm and Robyn Fitzgerald

"When I know I am going to walk forever, I have time for now" says Thomas Hubl, echoing the wisdom of mystics over centuries who proclaim our eternal personhood and our timeless nature. This Advent, we invite you to come together to create a community of Silence where we will sink into the Eternal Presence that lies beneath all that is fragile, tender and hurting in our world. Here, in the ground of our heart, we participate in the eternal birthing of Christ Omega shining through each one of us and our communal heart where we will see, as Teilhard de Chardin writes, "the whole universe has become the temple of the living God....where.....everything that exists is sacred, and everything that happens is adorable".

A safe, tender and sacred space will be created online via zoom for communal silent prayer and small group sharing, along with spiritual direction each day. Catherine and Robyn will offer a reflection in the evening, opening our hearts and minds to the mystical wisdom Advent awakens. The cost is $150.00 and includes spiritual direction. Please let us know if this cost is difficult or if you would like to offer more to assist another.

To register, or for any queries, you are warmly invited to contact Catherine Hefferan at or Robyn Fitzgerald at We encourage registrations by Thurs 17 Sept, 2020.




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Invitation to join online reading group

Tuesday 10-11.00am, July 14 - August 25, 2020

Book: ’Earth our original monastery: cultivating wonder and gratitude through intimacy with nature' by Christine Valters painter, Sorin Books, 2020. 

This online reading group (in Zoom) is for those who: desire to grow in intimacy with creation; are seeking a set of earth honouring practices inspired by the mystics, scripture, poetry; experience earth as their primary place of connection to the Divine; can commit to 7 Tuesday mornings for an hour, online in Zoom to reflect with others on their reading and practice (including Lectio Divina, contemplative walking, meditation, visual art, writing, sacred photography, praying with music).

For more information see the attached flyer: Online book group.

For enquiries and registration contact Judith Keller and Gerard Sullivan



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The way of meditation: Pathway to silence, stillness,

Meditation sessions Online in zoom - Monday afternoons 4.00p.m. - 4.35 p.m.

For experienced meditators to support your own prayer practice of sitting in stillness.

Facilitated by Judith Keller and Gerard Sullivan

We sit for 20 minutes and open and close with sacred songs/music. We draw briefly on a
variety of Christian prayers and sacred texts, including the psalms, also poetry and the writings of the
Christian mystics.

For more information see the attached flyer: The path of meditation.

For enquiries and registration contact Judith Keller and Gerard Sullivan




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Contemplative Prayer

A Contemplative Prayer Gathering for those who wish to meet the Beloved in their home sacred space.

As we cannot meet physically at present, each week on Wednesdays at 6pm we invite you to light a candle, sit in your sacred space, and join us across the spaces that separate for a time of silent listening.

Ready for each Wednesday evening, participants will be emailed, in advance, a guided meditation to accompany their contemplative practice.  To receive these offerings in your inbox, email Debbie at Merthyr Road Uniting Church, New Farm, QLD:


For Online Dance Chapel Events from other groups






Online Dance Chapels

Hosted by Cynthia Winton-Henry and The Hidden Monastery

The Dance Chapel- using stillness, connection, movement, song and prayer. Come move, sing, and honor each other’s bodyspirit in these times…

These chapels recognize and enjoy the diverse body-wisdom or all spiritual lineages and led by leaders from North America and Australia. A variety of times available.  

All are welcome.  

For more details and to register to receive the links visit the Hidden Monastery Chapel page



Online Mass Christian Meditation







Contemplative Mass from Bonnevaux Centre for Peace

Hosted by the World Community for Christian Meditation

Join online for a contemplative mass from this International Meditation and Retreat Centre of The World Community for Christian Meditation celebrated by Fr Laurence and the Bonnevaux Community in near Poitiers, France.

There is a live webcast mass with meditation every Sunday and there is no need to register. All are welcome! To join, click at the link that will be available at the WCCM website homepage here. 

It is on Sundays at 12:00PM French time which is Australian EST time Sunday 8pm.
Other events from Bonnevaux:








Silverwattle Courses and Retreats 

Silverwattle is currently closed

See the Silverwattle website for retreats and courses coming up:









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