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From its very beginning, Eremos has nurtured small group gatherings where people can share their experiences and learn with and be nourished by one another in a common exploration. These groups are always open to having interested individuals join. If there isn't a group in your area, you may be able to start one.


There are lots of ways for you to share your skills and get involved with Eremos no matter where you live.  

Contribute to the Eremos magazine

The Eremos magazine contains contributions from members and non-members on a wide range of issues relating to spirituality and belief in our contemporary world, especially in an Australian context. You can contribute to the magazine by writing an article, poem or story, or by sharing photos and artworks. This is a great way to share your thoughts with a supportive and like-minded community. 

Books for Hire

Our virtual library houses some great titles to encourage Eremos members and their friends to come together and explore issues of life and faith. These book are available for hire, each consisting of multiple copies of the physical book to allow for group discussions, as well as supplementary materials. You can order these titles online. 


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