Conversations with Silence Online Reading Group
Jun 1

Conversations with Silence Online Reading Group

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Start Date
01-Jun-2022 7:00 pm
End Date
10-Aug-2022 8:30 pm
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

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Online Reading Group exploring Conversations with Silence: Rosetta Stone of the Soul

Led by Dr Sally Longley with Judith Keller leading the opening meditations

6 Online Sessions June 1- August 10 meeting every fortnight

Wednesdays evenings 7.00-8.30pm AEST

The Reading Group online sessions are held every two weeks with a commitment to continue to engage with the text in participants’ own time between sessions. Sally’s purpose in writing this book is for readers to explore the different landscapes of silence in their own personal and spiritual growth, so as we read the book we will ponder our own experiences.  The text, as written by Sally, has clear invitations to engage in this way, as part of its design and intent.  Participants are invited to bring the fruits of their engagement with the text between sessions to the group meeting online.

Please join us for an Introductory Conversations with Silence session Wednesday 27 April at 7:30 PM AEST with Sally and Judith. Interested people are encouraged to attend. Contact Judith to register. 

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The online sessions will open with Judith Keller focusing the group for around 5 minutes with some brief quotes from the chapter and a shared time of silence.  Sally will offer input in each session; then breakout groups will be facilitated and offer the opportunity to engage in conversations and cadences with silence further to the content of each chapter.

Participants need their own copy of the book available from  Please read chapter one and two  before the first online session.  

There is no charge for this book group.  Sally and Judith look forward to meeting you.

To register click on Register button or contact Judith:  

Read Sally's Wild Tracks of Silence news piece on this website  Wild Tracks of Silence 

Judith Keller is a former university lecturer in education and religion at ACU.  Her work today grows out of her allurement to the eco contemplative arts, working with eco poetry, music, meditation and writing.  She is an experienced facilitator of online reading groups, with Eremos in Australia and the Deep Time Network in the U.S.  She facilitates a weekly online meditation session, ’The Path of Prayer in times of Ecological Conversion’.

Dr Sally Longley began her career as a University lecturer in Urban Studies before studying theology in London, South Africa and USA. She is a spiritual director and retreat leader and a qualified Giver of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. She has also authored “Walking the Labyrinth as the Beloved in John’s Gospel” and a 3 set DVD/video on “5 Ways to Pray”.

For more information about Sally Longley’s book “Conversations with Silence: Rosetta Stone of the Soul.” Please see her website:


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