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Awakening to Beauty: Eremos Retreat Day
Mar 14

Awakening to Beauty: Eremos Retreat Day

by led the Eremos Retreat Team
$55.00 - $65.00
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Date & Time
14 March 2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Are Closed

Registration deadline for this retreat day has been extended! 

Eremos has a long history of offering opportunities to step aside and take time to listen deeply to the stirrings of our hearts and become more aware of mystery and the sacred in our lives. We do this as a community, encouraging and supporting one another in our exploration.

Eremos Retreat Days provide gentle guidance and space for you to engage in a way that feeds your soul and spirit. Janet, Alex and Bethany, our skilled retreat leaders, seek to invite people to explore the topic using a range of mediums. The day provides ample options to participate. Activities include reflecting on the insights from spiritual writers, poetry, silence, meditation, music, small group sharing, using art materials, and time on your own to enjoy the grounds and gardens at Marymount.

They encourage participants to follow their own sense of what feels right and what they need from the day. The retreat day is open to seasoned retreat goers and people who may be new to such experiences.

Awakening to beauty will be the theme for our 3 retreat days in 2020.

This first day on 14 March explores three movements of awakening to beauty:

  • Awakening and noticing beauty
  • Responding and co-creating beauty
  • Savouring and celebrating beauty

Some thoughts from spiritual writers capture these three movements:

Awakening and noticing beauty

 “I remember writing once that “nothing has ever been written by a theologian about the meaning of God’s Incarnation that hasn’t been better traced in the crystal calligraphy of a frosty morning window; nothing has ever been preached by saints about divine beauty and intimacy that hasn’t been better sung by the summer wind and nothing has ever been created by the mystics about incarnate love and beauty that hasn’t been more poignantly revealed in the sleepy eyes of a new baby”.

--Daniel O’Leary, Dancing to my death with the love called cancer. 2019

Responding and co-creating

“Whenever we awaken beauty, we are helping to make God present in the world...The beauty of God is reachable for anyone and can be awakened in all dimensions of our experience. This also calls us to love and respect the world and to care for the earth.” --John O'Donohue

Savouring and celebrating beauty

"Beauty always points through and beyond the form in which it appears. By means of a small part it gives us an experience of the whole" --Laurence Freeman, Beauty's Field: Seeing the World, 2014.

‘God is beauty itself, beautifying all things. God puts into creatures a kind of sheen, a reflection of God's own luminous ray, which is the foundation of all light.’ --Thomas Aquinas


Cost: $65 or $55 for Eremos members. Concession $10 less.

Includes Morning tea and lunch.

Register ASAP.

Click on Puchase tickets and the form will ask you for a log in and password. If you have never logged into Eremos before just create a log in and password. If you are a member, use  your member login to receive the discount. If you have any difficulties logging in contact

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Places are limited so early registration is recommended.

For more info contact or phone Janet 9340 1562 / mobile 0449 595 112.




Event Type
Retreat Day
Event Location
Marymount Mercy Centre
36 David Road
Castle Hill NSW

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