EREMOS magazine 40th Anniversary Edition

7th December 2022
By John Foulcher
Coming Soon! A special edition of EREMOS to celebrate our 40th Anniversary is being compiled.

Coming soon: A special edition of EREMOS to celebrate our 40th Anniversary 

To mark our 40th year a special Anniversary edition of EREMOS magazine will be published in early 2023. This will be a bumper bound double issue in place of the December 2022 and April 2023 issues.
This double edition will contain an extended selection of the most significant articles and interviews EREMOS has published over the past forty years, interspersed with a variety of the most striking magazine covers during that time.
EREMOS editor, John Foulcher, has spent the last several months reading every issue of EREMOS he could get his hands on from the past forty years, beginning with some of the earliest issues in 1983.
John writes, “I’ve been so excited by the quality of the articles, from EREMOS regulars to ‘one-offs’ from people with a fleeting interest in the organisation. So many articles are prescient, well-written and challenging, and this issue gives us a chance to resurrect and save many which would have otherwise been lost in time. My only misgiving is that we can’t present more of them.”
“This issue will be a must not just for Eremos members, but for anyone interested in the growth of Australian spirituality during the latter part of last century and the first two decades of this one. It will be a collector’s item!”
All current Eremos members will receive a copy as part of their membership. If you are not a member, you can sign up here and you too will receive this singular publication.

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