Tributes to Frances MacKay

7th August 2020
By Eremos
Words of appreciation and thanks for France MacKay. The April EREMOS was the final magazine edited by Frances MacKay.










































Tributes to Frances MacKay

The April EREMOS was the final magazine edited by Frances MacKay. Members have offered their thanks and admiration for her work and dedication with numerous tributes published in the August EREMOS. We share a few excerpts here and the full text is attached to this article.

May we be a prophetic voice’ is a phrase that I will always associate with Frances McKay. With a love of literature, spirituality and a reflective heart, Frances has edited the EREMOS magazine with great love and dedication over the last 9 years. On a number of occasions, Frances has spoken of the opportunity for EREMOS to be a prophetic voice in our times. Frances’ openness and generosity have created a forum for many Australian voices to speak of love and loss, hope and lament, questions and possibilities. The pages of EREMOS with narrative, poetry, images and reviews have stirred us and inspired us. Perhaps most importantly, in reading EREMOS we know that we are not alone even though we are geographically diverse. Thank you, Frances, for your prophetic voice of inclusion and community and your years of service to Eremos.” 

– Bethany South, Chairperson of the Eremos Council 


Frances has been a part of my life since joining Eremos years ago. For many years, my main contact with Eremos was through the journal and Frances’ insightful and empathic handling of the editor’s job has made the journal a cornerstone of the Eremos Institute. Over time I have submitted contributions to the magazine and have appreciated Frances perceptive and at times, challenging suggestions. It has always worked out well! Recently Frances and I have exchanged ideas on theology, spirituality and literature. I treasure the wisdom and humility she shows. I love the honest searching quality to her thoughts, the digging down to get at the mystery, just a little closer to the place to which we all aspire. 


– Jorie Ryan 


I deeply appreciate the commitment, creativity, and hard work that Frances MacKay put into the editorship of our magazine “EREMOS Exploring Spirituality in Australia” for all these years. From the very first she took up the task with a serious eagerness and passion and maintained this energy with each issue, bringing together, every time, a collection of writing and artwork that nourished and challenged the reader. One strength that contributed to the high quality of the stories, articles and poems was Frances’ willingness to engage with the writers. With some she was able to deploy a light touch; with others she saw their potential and would work with them to bring out the clarity or beauty of their productions. Result? Breathtaking quality, and affirmation as truly worthwhile the goals to explore, seek, and find.” 


 Carolyn Craig-Emilsen 



 “Thank you, Frances, for your steadfast dedication to producing such a wonderfully diverse and enlightening magazine for so many years. Every copy has had something to treasure.  

 Ros Bradley


 Our thanks is expressed by way of a little verse. 

In loving what we do 

what we love to do 

shapes our lives 

sings our gratitude 

overflows the gratitude  

in those we touch. 


Yes our gratitude overflows for your skill, sensitivity and dedication. Your editing was a joy to experience. You inspired confidence in a work well done. We realise your editing has been both demanding and rewarding


 Noel Davis and Trish Delaney


 What a precious unique human being you are, awesome and exemplary for many of us and almost palpable in the quality pages of your service for so many years. You are a true professional with so many gifts of style and sensitivity to content and form…. 

You don't argue, you invite into wider and deeper space, you honour and respect and are less concerned about getting any "opinions" across. You seem to live and enable selfhood without the concern for looking good or being right. Pointing to the beyond, always surprising, including with art and poetry, beauty in and beyond the words or ideas. It is service in the best sense and as spiritual practice, so essential in times of our "wounded souls". Thanks for all you have given to the magazine and the Eremos community.  


Maria Maguire 


The beautiful gift of words that Frances has shared as the editor of Eremos has so enriched my life.  I also feel grateful for her invitation to share my insights on prayer in articles for Eremos and for her skilful editor’s eye. 


 Kerrie Hide


My heart is so full when I think of your contribution to Eremos - the small part I've been privileged to walk with you - and I know there's so much more I've loved your maintaining of high standards of content and editing (together with the editing team) and your passion for the work of Eremos. 


Anne Deane 


Frances is passionate about providing fellow travellers with support and spiritual encouragement. She delights in opening–up issues and exploring the liminal spaces. Don’t engage Frances if you want to button something down! Equally, she loves good scholarship and fresh ideas - and is attentive to detail. These are all qualities which are perfect for an Editor of a magazine focussed on supporting people on their spiritual journey.


Elizabeth & Peter Yuile 


Frances, I have enjoyed the art and craft you brought to your editing for Eremos, and I thank you for your generosity in serving us. 


– Alex Nelson   


Frances, you have served us all and the wider Australian community with your commitment. Our deepest gratitude goes to you for what you have given along with blessings for meaningful expressions of your many gifts into the future.


– Kate Scholl 


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