Opening up a new frontier for coming together

7th August 2020
By Kate Scholl
Great response to first online EREMOS retreat.









































Opening up a new frontier for coming together

On 4 July the Eremos Retreat Team held its first ever online Retreat and the response was great.

We had 22 people share their interest and 16 participants on the day. They were from New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland and Western Australia and about half of the people were Eremos members. There are a few comments from participants at the end of this article.


The success of this first online event has gotten us dreaming about what’s possible and we have scheduled our AGM to be online in November. Online gatherings assist us to realise our identity as a national organization and bring people together from across the country. It also allows for people who find travel difficult to participate and eliminates all problems with parking!! 

There are a number of possibilities that open up for Eremos members as we conceive of the online platform as a meeting ground. We invite you to consider what you would like to see and initiate. There could be informal discussions, one-off forums, or regular Book discussion groups, conversations with authors of magazine articles and books, and more! Eremos has a Zoom account so we can set up a meeting/s for people who might like to start or facilitate a group. We are interested particularly in hearing from people who would like to initiate something and are willing to take responsibility for it happening. We can assist with technical support and promoting what you would like to offer.  

We know within our membership there are highly skilled and experienced facilitators and presenters. We also know many members want to share with others in a meaningful way and it is possible for Eremos to host online opportunities to share, connect, dialogue and engage in conversation about things that matter. We would love to hear from you if you have an idea about something you might share or facilitate or a suggestion about someone you might ask to do so.  

Please contact us through  

Here are a few comments shared by those attending the 4 July Eremos Online Retreat Day: 

  • I am so glad to have been a part of this first online retreat!  I missed the beauty of Bundeena but this was such a good alternative with the added advantage of getting together with people from interstate and those who would not be otherwise be able to physically attend.   
  • I would be delighted to attend an Eremos Online Retreat in the future!  It was a beautiful and inspiring theme, presented in a heart-felt and thoughtful manner by a number of different people. The meditation and prayers were much appreciated. 
  • I enjoyed both break out groups and we shared some really interesting, perceptive, thoughtful and respectful reflections.   
  • The groups were the best aspect of the retreat for me as I had the chance to share and listen in more depth. They were wonderful. 
  • Altogether the Retreat was just beautiful and I am very glad I discovered this retreat in time to attend. I look forward to next ones both online and face to face.  













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