Empty seats at the Table. Won’t you join us?

28th August 2022
This photo is missing you!! Come and join us!
I often hear people say how important Eremos is or was to them now or at a particular juncture of their life. It’s wonderful to hear this. I think we can all agree that, for varying reasons, we are glad Eremos exists and we want it to continue.

The Eremos Council is the home base that keeps Eremos humming.  The EREMOS magazine, the website, groups, events and retreats all rely on the home base.  And our Council needs more members.  

We invite you to get involved.  It’s interesting, energizing and satisfying to be part of a flourishing and vital organization. No background or training is required -- just an interest in helping Eremos flourish and a willingness to collaborate with others.

We are also looking for a new Council chairperson as Bethany is stepping down after 5 years of wonderful service. Help us find that new person! Maybe it’s you!!

New people bring  unique perspectives, ideas and interest. These are vital to continuing to grow and be responsive to changing needs. If you are reading this and are interested, please contact one of us to have a chat. We welcome your expression of interest and there’s no obligation.

We hold our meetings on Zoom, so members from anywhere in the country or even beyond our shores can participate. Those involved as Council members have enjoyed it, found great connections with other Council members and are very pleased to be able to support such a worthwhile organization. It’s a friendly, low key  gathering. We begin each meeting with a reflection and then launch into our agenda.


Here’s what’s involved:

To prepare for and attend Council meetings takes just a few hours every quarter, about 20 hours a year. 20 hours would also include responding to a few emails that might come between our quarterly meetings.

At the meetings, we enjoy hearing from John about how the magazine is going, getting Joe’s update about our finances, hearing from Bethany about retreats, discussing the website and communications  and events with Kate. We explore collaborations with other groups and reflect on Eremos’ unique position in the spiritual and religious landscape of this country.

We discuss plans for the Anniversary we are currently celebrating, what communication needs there might be, and where gaps are emerging that we need to address. We brainstorm how we might do that. Sometimes, a couple of people might do a bit of investigating and come back to our next meeting with some possible actions.

It’s satisfying, simple and keeps the home base running.

We need you! Please contact Kate (events@eremos.org.au   or 0425 211 065) or Bethany (council@eremos.org.au ) to volunteer or discuss the possibility. Don’t delay, get in touch with us now.

OR you might prefer to take on a specific project role: website, newsletter, events, magazine, keeping in touch with members. There are many opportunities!! We would LOVE to hear from you!

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