The nurturing experience of sharing a book with friends

12th February 2018
A participant writes:
I have been a participant in the Blue Mountains (NSW) Eremos book group for over

Blue Mountains Eremos Group celebrate Eremos 35th Anniversary

Pictured are Blue Mountains Group members with author Ros Bradley who joined in the celebration in the Spring of 2017.

Eremos Book Group members from the Blue Mountains  share some of their experiences:

'I have been a participant in the Blue Mountains (NSW) Eremos book group for over ten years and it has been a wonderfully nurturing journey of each month sharing thoughts stimulated by our reading, growing together as a group, and experiencing delightful company as we share a cuppa and some morning tea.

I have loved exploring the books that Eremos hires out. My understanding of the spiritual life, theology, and the project of being truly human has been expanded by the authors of great books.

The friendships I have made and deepened over the years…words cannot do this justice. Somehow, sharing over the deep questions of life brings out such intimacy and honesty, such challenge and such wisdom. My book group feels like a rock in my everyday life.'

Another member of our group writes:

Blue Mountains Eremos Book Group: food for the spiritual journey

'In January 2015 my husband and I moved permanently to live in Leura. So began a delightful new stage of our lives. A member of the Eremos Blue Mountains book group, had asked me to co-lead an ecumenical retreat on The Lord’s Prayer held in February at Glenbrook Uniting Church. At this retreat I was invited to join the Eremos book group. Spiritual serendipity is often at work in our lives. Having been a member for many years it has been wonderful to reconnect with Eremos in a personal way once more.

We gather at homes scattered from Glenbrook in the lower mountains to Blackheath in the upper mountains. Last year we discussed topics relating to our Muslim neighbours and life in the early church for women.

This year we have had profound conversation stimulated by The Greatest Prayer, Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of The Lord’s Prayer by John Dominic Crossan.

We have explored the notion of distributive justice and Crossan’s commentary on why this prayer continues to communicate such radical and universal power. Our Blue Mountains Book group, as with so many other Eremos book groups, offers opportunity for rich discussion and deep sharing of our spiritual journeys. A monthly gathering not to be missed!'

A note from the Books for Groups Coordinator

To get started on your own adventure, look at the books available for hire Hire a Book for Yourself or a Group on this website or get in touch with the Books for Groups Coordinator:

A group might already exist in your area, or you can get help starting one. It is not difficult and even if there are only two or three of you the pleasures and passions of reading and sharing together will begin.

If a group does not immediately evolve, then begin hiring the books as an individual, and see what happens.

The group members don't all have to be Eremos members though a lower hiring fee is available to members. 

I once read that one of the most transforming things in a person’s life is belonging to a book group. Enjoy, and prepare to be transformed.

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