EREMOS Magazine

What can you expect to find in EREMOS?

EREMOS offers personal reflections and explorations, researched articles, book reviews, artwork, poetry, news and resources.

You will find articles from diverse perspectives by writers seeking an authentic spirituality for our times – on topics ranging from ecological and social justice concerns to spiritual practices that support transformation. Writers include Christians coming to terms with the failures of the Christian tradition, at the same time holding that the Jesus of history, the Jesus of legend and the Jesus of our deeper imagining remains a paradigm of inclusive leadership for these times, as well as writers from other faiths who share how their traditions address universal human challenges and concerns.

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The Editorial Team

Editor: John Foulcher

Production Editors:  Felix Oppen and Kate Riley

Editorial team:  Anne Deane, Don Meadows, Christine Sivewright, Jorie Ryan, Louise Dobson    

"EREMOS won my admiration and recollected my hope in a single sentence. It showed the pathway to living with paradox instead of craving for certainties."