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20 February 2017

Friends of Eremos Featured: Wellspring Community

The Wellspring Community are a dispersed ecumenical community in Australia.They aim to live prophetically, see God's presence in each moment and person, work for reconciliation and practise peace. 


20 February 2017

For more information, please visit the Wellspring website and read their quarterly newsletter Pipeline:

four windmills

Spirituality and Justice are the essence of the Wellspring Community a contemporary community of Christians who live throughout Australia. We began in 1992, inspired by the Iona Community in Scotland and their style and balance between worship, evangelism, and a passion for peace and justice.  We were also committed to the development of a contextualised spirituality that reflects the Australian character and landscape - an ongoing work in progress!

The life of Jesus of Nazareth and our faith in Jesus the Christ are central to our spiritual life and to our life in Australian society.  We seek to be prophetic and reconciling, committed to action for justice, peace and the environment.  We seek ways of being relevant in the communities in which we live and work.  Our aim is to be a community with roots in the Australian land and soil.  We want our language, lifestyle, and liturgies to be expressly Christian and Australian. Worship lies at the heart of all the Community's life and concerns. Whenever Members gather they worship together. Each Sunday we seek to renew and deepen our spirituality, prayer and worship in the uniquely Australian context. Prayer and politics belong together, as do confession and commitment to action. We remember that God's guidance, judgement and mercy can change situations and people.

Our symbol is a windmill which expresses our desire to live an Australian Christian faith that is integral to our culture and environment. A windmill is wind driven: the blades of the windmill, the men and women of the Community, are impelled by the wind of God. We also rotate with purpose and connect to the land.

Michael Leunig’s words and art have helped us move forward. He writes about praying for another way of being and another way of knowing and prompts us to ask the nature of this other way.  How do we understand “simplicity”?  What is the spiritual significance of feeling the earth’s love beneath our feet?  Remembering the image that God moulded humankind from the earth, what significance does our Australian earth have for us?  Where and how do we feel the movement of creation?  What is required to feel the embrace of the common soul?  These and many other questions shape our communal life. All Wellspring members and friends are encouraged to join cell groups and attend our annual gatherings.

For more information, please visit the Wellspring website and read their quarterly newsletter Pipeline:


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