The Eremos Council

The work of Eremos is guided by elected Council members. They meet quarterly in Sydney,  coordinating the teams who oversee various Eremos projects such as the magazine, events, retreats, Books for groups, regional groups, website and membership.

Current Eremos Council members share why they are passionate about volunteering for Eremos

Bethany South, Chairperson

I am passionate about providing welcoming, hospitable and safe places for people to explore, express and deepen spirituality.  I like that Eremos attracts people of all stages on the journey of life and faith and how it invites people into spaces for reflection and conversation, solitude and community. I am grateful for the way that Eremos and its members have enriched my journey of life and faith.

Kate Scholl, Events and Communications Coordinator

Eremos connects with my core values and desire to find/create/explore meaning with others. I am inspired and awed at times by the poignant writing in the magazine. I value the collaboration, the diversity, and the depth of perspectives members share.

Elaine Alinta, Books for Groups Coordinator
I like the openness and diversity of Eremos. It encourages all our journeys.

Joe Janssen, Treasurer
Eremos encourages and helps me to deepen and strengthen my spirituality. I value what I learn from other Eremos members.

Frances Mackay, EREMOS Magazine Editor
I am passionate about Eremos because it not only nourishes and provides community for our members, but valiantly tries to keep the rumour of the sacred alive in credible and inclusive ways in a pluralistic and increasingly secular world.

Lindy Frazer, Council Secretary
I am so grateful for a gift membership of Eremos which has led me to a spiritual journey without borders and where I have found soul friends and nourishment. 

Linda Turton, Archivist 

Eremos has been the forum and community in which I can explore all sorts of avenues, both nurturing and challenging, that pertain to the life of the spirit – body that is me. Eremos continues to provide a space where I can honestly give voice to my experiences, thoughts and doubts, and engage deeply in the streams of religion and identity in Australia, in the context of our world. I have found Eremos members to be open minded, compassionate people who care for each other, our society and our natural environment…I have made great friendships.


Jorie Ryan. EREMOS Editorial Team

I am nourished and encouraged to dream by the sacred visions of Eremos; a wonderful companion to have on the journey.

Louise Dobson, EREMOS Editorial Team

I enjoy being on the Eremos Council, as I feel I am working with like-minded spiritual seekers, who are wanting to live their lives at a deeper level. I also feel truly heard, listened to, and acknowledged by the Council members.