Copy editors needed

We have a need for people willing to join a team of copy editors for the EREMOS magazine that can be called upon when needed. e.g. for a particular issue. The work is short term and can be done from any location. This is a fabulous opportunity to be part of a vital work of Eremos. Please contact Frances MacKay at magazine@eremos.org.au if you can assist.

Join our Website Team

Here is a great opportunity to bring together your skills/interests in digital media and your passion for spiritual conversation. We are seeking volunteers with a variety of skills and interests to assist in maintaining and developing our website and social media presence. This offers the chance for you to bring your expertise as well as learn new skills. We are looking for flexible and innovative individuals who can offer a few hours every month or two to the project.

Meetings will be by phone or online so you can literally live anywhere in the world and be part of this team.

We seek people with ANY of the following skills and interests:

•             Digital Media as a tool for communicating key messages and engaging others in conversation

•             Experience assisting a group or organisation to more effectively communicate their purpose and develop their social media presence

•             Experience in website maintenance and technical ‘back end’ management.

•             Writing for the web and creating visual content

•             Uploading and editing website content

•             Experience using Twitter, facebook and other social media platforms to promote events and resources.

•             Creating How to guides for website tasks

Opportunity to Bring your Skills and Enthusiasm

The Council is a group of members looking out for the interests of our members which is the continued growth and effective management of Eremos. We currently have vacancies on Council and would love to hear from members who would like to nominate someone or put their own name forward.  If you would like to be asked, let us know so we can ask you!!

No previous experience is necessary. Please consider collaborating with us and sharing your gifts in this way. Contact council@eremos.org.au to nominate or learn more.


WE ARE SEEKING SOMEONE WITH ACCOUNTANCY/BOOKKEEPING SKILLS to take on the voluntary role of recording income and expenses. It is a task that requires just an hour or two each month and can be done from any location.


These are vital roles in the life of Eremos that take very little of your time. If you have these skills or know someone who does, we would deeply appreciate your assistance.

If you are able to assist please contact us at council@eremos.org.au